About Us

Our short story


We are Michał and Jakub, nice to meet You!

We both are coding in Ruby since around 2010 and since the beginning we enjoyed learning and experimening to pursue the most suitable approach to creating web applications.

Through our everyday work during past years we have seen and used some bad habits, maintained and coded small and large projects, implemented features rapidly and spent far too much time perfecting pieces of code but most importantly, we have made a lot of mistakes (actually we still do them each and every day). We want to share our experience and thoughts, as we noticed that some well known Rails patterns are not at all times that good as they look at the first glance.

On this blog our intention is to write about alternatives to Rails Way and situations when it excels. There is no silver bullet in our opinion, let's try to use Ruby and Rails with brain and try to experiment a little bit together.

  • Michał Brodecki
  • Jakub Jatczak